Cranky & The Law


"You expect a CD for review and then you get a wooden business card that eventually appears to be a USB stick. Charming... and that's the same way I feel when listening to their debut album. Pure voices, beautiful harmonies and original twists in their musical lines.

Two cool chicks: 'The Law' on keyboard and ukulele and 'Cranky' on the bass. On one of the photos on their website they're wearing a couple of those big bearskin hats during a performance. And it does refer me to a second link that they have. Namely: Into The Wild. Not only the sound of the ukulele, but also the lyrics, which occasionally go deeper than those of the average singer-songwriter. And especially since their first song is called On A Bus.

'You frame me your with black and white', the opening line of Camera. A first strong moment in which my thoughts are sent in all kinds of different directions. In Machines the words 'reprogramming' and 'reset' strike me. And a third song that specifically caught my attention was Playing Dead, where the electronic drums gave me a reversed feeling, in sense of: "was this necessary?"

In any case a recommendation and an especially balanced release. I like modest, profound songs and then you're at the right place with Cranky & The Law. And don't forget to check them out liveā€¦"

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