Cranky & The Law

Cranky & The Law are two cousins from Antwerp, Belgium. Armed with a ukulele, a guitar or a keyboard (The Law) and a bass guitar (Cranky) they play original indie-pop songs.

They started their first musical collaboration in the four piece all-girl punk band Girls on Heels. When that project disbanded, they decided to continue on as a duo under their respective nicknames. Carmen took up the moniker ‘Cranky’, and Laura became ‘The Law’. Since then, they have written and performed a collection of over 30 songs. In 2011 Cranky & The Law put seven of these songs on a demo. Now, after growing up a bit, they’ve selected seven of their newer tracks to combine on their first record: ‘Roads Gone By’.

‘Roads Gone By’ is an optimistic and sometimes melancholic look at the trajectory of their (still rather young) lives interpreted differently in each song. They invite the listener to join them in a world of their own creation; one that they grew up in together. The tracks explore romantic and philosophical ideas that are often treated with humor and plenty of self-perspective.

The result is an honest record that they’ve translated to an equally intimate live performance by welcoming the audience into their living room (or at least the portable replica that they travel with). Here, you can join them as you’d see them during a rehearsal, including their banter, discussions and more than a few bad jokes.

(photo: Romain Menke 2012)